Schedule for Muharram 1440

Imam bargah Khargrong skardu

  • Majlis Day 3:30 Sheikh Fida Hassan Ebadi
  • Majlis Night: 8:30 Allama Syed Razi Al Mosavi
  • Ashura on Friday 21 September 2018

About Baltiazadari

Azadari has been intimately and essentially close to the hearts of lovers of Ahl-e-Bait all around the globe for more than fourteen centuries. The spirit of Karbala has continuously been kept alive with the tradition of Azadari followed by majalis, matam, marsya and most prominently nauha khwani. Keeping the traditions rejuvenated, Dasta-e-Haideria Khargrong's selfless efforts in this regard over the period of decades have been the worth-mentioning self explained proofs. In doing so, Dasta-e-Haideria is now undoubtedly regarded as the pioneers of bringing a new soul in nauha khwani in the area of Baltistan by time and again coming up with heart-jolting and powerful voices and compositions. Adding to this, their contribution in introducing and projecting the poetry of one of the greatest writers in the form of Urdu Nauha Khwani is also a vital point to be mentioned. Keeping the efforts moving by updating themselves with the changing time, Dasta-e-Haideria is proud to expand their motivated strives by incorporating the use of this website. And Finally, Dasta-e-Haideria hopes to be able to carry on Mola A.S's Mission by making best use of this platform in the coming years as well.


Imambargah khargroung, Mohib Road
Skardu Baltistan, Pakistan.

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